I’m Devyn.  I’m a mid-30s professional, a wife to a wonderful husband, and a Mummy to a beautiful little boy.  Here’s a quick Q and A about me and my family.

Q. Why are you starting a blog now?

A. This actually isn’t my first rodeo – I had an original Desperately Seeking Sustenance blog on the Blogger platform, but I posted very little and didn’t really enjoy the structure of Blogger.  So I’ve moved over here without bringing the old site with me.  Some posts I just don’t really think I want to see anymore, however, I acknowledge their existence and their general availability.  Mostly, I have a blog because I like to share.

Q. What do you do for a living?

A. I mostly think, research and write for whatever provincial government is in power.  I’m basically what’s (romantically?) termed a “policy wonk”.

Q. How long have you been married? How did you meet your husband?

A. We’ve been married seven years now.  We met in high school at an anti-racism leadership camp, dated on and off for a pretty long time, and got engaged when we were about 28.  He’s the very best.

Q. How old is your baby?

A. He’s two years old – born in July 2015.  He’s the other very best.

Q. Did you grow up in Toronto? What neighbourhood do you live in?

A. No, I was born here but moved to Oshawa, a suburb about 45 minutes east of Toronto, when I was very small.  My husband was born in Saskatchewan and moved to a neighbouring community when he was 10.  I moved to the Toronto proper at 25, as soon as I had a reasonably steady job, and I haven’t really ever looked back.  My family and I live on the east side of the city.

Q. I saw your photos.  Are you and your husband from different ethnic/cultural backgrounds?

A. I’m of European (British Isles) descent, and my husband’s family comes from India.  He’s Sikh and I’m Christian (Anglican, if you’d like to know).



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