We’re all going on a seaside holiday…

Apologies for the Peppa Pig reference, but she’s basically all I watch now.  Also, my seaside holiday is now past, and exists only as a happy memory.  Allow me to reminisce…

We took advantage of a crazy deal being offered by Air Canada Vacations and headed to Cap Cana, Dominican Republic, for a week in March.  It was my son and husband’s first time in the Caribbean, and we had amazing, perfect weather the whole time that we were there.  There was one sunshower which was delightful rather than irritating.

We stayed at the Alsol Luxury Village, which is part of a small chain owned by a Mexican online travel agency.  The Village is located right next door to the Alsol Tiara, which is also part of the chain, so guests are able to access the restaurants, grounds and pools at both resorts (which is awesome when you get bored of being in one place all the time, but you have a 2.5 year old who needs to nap in a bed every afternoon).  The Village is basically a marina hotel so there isn’t a beach, but there is a very small one at the Tiara, and there’s also Juanillo Beach which is a 10-minute free shuttle trip away (pictured below).


The one-bedroom suite we had was excellent – a big living/dining area with a balcony walkout, a kitchen, a dressing room, a giant bathroom, and a master bedroom.  A generous amount of space for a family of three.

The pools were great with large wading areas – my son finally, FINALLY came around to being in the water due to the existence of those wading areas.  He didn’t want to swim – he wanted to wade and play games of pretend and splash his Mummy and Daddy – but we at least got him in the water and enjoying it, which is more than can be said for three months of swimming lessons here in Toronto.


I think the only weird things were mostly just due to me/my preferences… like I really wanted wifi across the whole resort, not just in the lobby, and I really wish there was somewhere I could’ve grocery shopped (who wants to cook on an all-inclusive holiday?  Me! I do!).  Also, the main buffet area could use an update + some air conditioning.  I actually feel kind of bad even writing these small things down, but they would’ve improved my experience and I’d be committing an error of omission if I didn’t tell the two people who read this (both of whom I’m related to) about them.

All told, I’d recommend this place to most people I know who are looking to go somewhere with their kid(s), sit by the pool, and relax.  It’s not a high-adventure place or anything like that, but it’s very good at being what it is.  Oh, and the staff are amazing and seem to adore children, which is terribly important to any holiday.  Go.  Take your kid(s).


* This post is 100% unsponsored by anything or anyone.  It’s just me and my opinion.

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  1. John and I have talked about how hard it is to find a place that suits both kid(s) and adult needs! Glad you guys enjoyed your holiday.


    1. Thanks, Sara! You’re right – it is challenging! We lucked out this time. I know I’m looking forward to the next holiday already, wherever that may be.


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