A very good place to start

Happy 2018, friends!

Given my last post of the 10 best things from 2017, I’ve decided to write down 10 things that I’d like to do in 2018 – let’s not call them resolutions, though, perhaps just leave it as a to-do list as things seem more likely to happen that way.

  1. See more of Canada, or even just more of Ontario – it’s a big, beautiful place and I’d like for me, my husband and our son to know more of it.
  2. Learn more about the things that I find most interesting – in this vein, I’ve just registered for my first class on tea, so I’m hoping that my hobbyist’s interest can stand up to the rigors of actual education.
  3. Buy less, generally speaking.  We need to continue to decorate our home and finish our basement, but I probably definitely don’t need any more clothes.  I know that Kian is my weak spot in this because I have zero willpower when faced with small clothes, but let’s see what we I can do.
  4. Learn how to fix stuff – I want to be able to stop the toilet from running, make the cupboard doors align, change a light fixture, all that kind of thing.  I also want to learn how to refinish furniture, but that may be a lot for one year.
  5. Read more books, and read less internet.
  6. Become a relentless curator of our home, sticking close to William Morris’ rule of “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. Throw out more stuff, including gifts – no one’s gonna care if I still have the pillowcase they gave me last year.
  7. Paint and draw and write.  I have the tools now, including this blog, but I need to actually practice.
  8. Be more strict with my time.  I’ve let my paid job infiltrate lot of my home time, and while I’ve (mostly) been able to hold back the interruptions until after Kian goes to bed, I’m tired all the time and I think it’s because I don’t ever (ever) turn off.
  9. Do more work within our local community.  Help people who need it most.
  10. Most of all, spend more/better time with my husband and son, doing things that we love.

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